Landscape Design

Let Us Love Your Lawn has extremely comprehensive well trained knowledgeable and creative design staff, which includes traditional top view drawings and designs. Also we provide computerized, full color, 3-D design program that reflects a projected 10 year growth forecast.

Landscape Contracting

Our crew of landscape professionals provide an unparalleled installation of landscape and hardscape projects for commercial as well as residential installations.  We have extensive experience in many types of commercial areas.


We also provide water conservation programs that are custom designed, installed and maintained by professional and prompt irrigation crews.

Water Re-use System (Rain Havesting System)

How do rainwater havesting system work?

1 inch of rainfall on a 1000sq. ft. roof = 625 gallons of Free water!!


1. Water collected from gutter is routed to tank:

2. Filter box/Manhole

3. Pump

4. Overflow


Rain run off from your roof collets and drains through your gutter as usual.  Instead of the rainwater draining into the ground or creating water runoff problems, the rainwater is rerouted into your water collection tank.  This process is called "Watering Havesting".  The havested water is now ready to be use.

Landscape Maintenance

Commercial and Residential  Landscape Maintenance services.  We provide an intial, on-site analysis and estimate where we will discuss the steps necessary to creating and maintaining your commercial/ residential property. At Let Us Love Your Lawn your image is our image.

Fertilization, Shrub & Tree Care